Leaving Doors Open

Like doors locked shut, some artworks won’t let you in.

I firmly believe in the artist’s duty to create works able to engage with the viewers, soliciting, questioning, suggesting … By abstracting I aim to engage, and allow everybody to find their story in mine.

Sandro Nocentini – Show Me The Way, oil on board cm122x122

Come porte chiuse a chiave, alcune opere d’arte non ti lasciano entrare.

Credo fermamente l’artista debba creare opere in grado di aprirsi allo spettatore, sollecitare, mettere in discussione, suggerire … Tramite l’astratto intendo interagire, e permettere a ciascuno di trovare la sua storia nella mia.

Lasciando porte aperte …

Charcoal and Nudes

Exploring my love for the body language I approach it once again with one of my favourite mediums.

Charcoal allows me to search, push and caress.

The old marks impossible to erase, like the scars that make us who we are.

10 Short Stories

In an old drawer I found some writing that I intended for children even before my beautiful ones were born. Thanks to digital possibilities, finally they have been edited and published in an e-book. I also enjoyed illustrating them with quick and expressive sketches.




With the intention to entertain our children and educate them to respect our pets, these are short stories to help families and classrooms discuss the behaviour of our domestic animals and their welfare.


Ebook available from Amazon and iBooks stores.


The Dog With No Name, and other short tails is now available for purchase on Amazon and iBooks. Only available in digital form, for now, this collection of short stories is ready for your Kindles, iPads and tablets.

Please be aware that the title above also includes the short story “The Blue and Muffin Dress”.