My Next Exhibition

I do get asked when my exhibition is… often.

“Soon” I’d like to answer.

The problem I have is that painting with an exhibition in mind takes away my enjoyment of actually doing it. And I have tried to give myself deadlines, but have fallen short under the weight of marketing requests.

Every one of my works is an adventure I like to enjoy and make personal. It takes time and cannot be rushed. It is a moment of unique pleasure, the telling of an intimate story. I must paint knowing that the canvas I am working on is the true story I want to tell; selling or not is not the point. Not last, to think of my work towards an exhibition restricts me to the market’s requests and trends [this will never sell.. the gallery won’t show that…] or rush up works because the deadline is near. As a consequence the work I end up making may be soulless or incomplete and ultimately I will regret showing it. It has happened and I have learned not to do it again. Hence, I refrain to commit to dates until I know I have a good number of canvases finished already.

Two Ladies, charcoal on paper 2013
Two Ladies, charcoal on paper 2013

At times I just like to make drawings, or little sketchy paintings… or sit there and do nothing. Funny how some people think the life of an artist is made of leisure and beauty, wine drinking and intimate sessions with beautiful models. Well, there’s bills to pay, drawings that ‘don’t work’ and days of non inspiration… but all this IS part of the creative process and must be savoured. I like the sense of freedom I get from knowing that what I’m working on is the true expression of my artistic experience.

So, to answer the question I have started with…

“I am working towards an exhibition, yes, but am not ready to fix the date yet…”

I’ll advertise, I promise.

And thankyou for asking