Leaving Doors Open

Like doors locked shut, some artworks won’t let you in.

I firmly believe in the artist’s duty to create works able to engage with the viewers, soliciting, questioning, suggesting … By abstracting I aim to engage, and allow everybody to find their story in mine.

Sandro Nocentini – Show Me The Way, oil on board cm122x122

Come porte chiuse a chiave, alcune opere d’arte non ti lasciano entrare.

Credo fermamente l’artista debba creare opere in grado di aprirsi allo spettatore, sollecitare, mettere in discussione, suggerire … Tramite l’astratto intendo interagire, e permettere a ciascuno di trovare la sua storia nella mia.

Lasciando porte aperte …

Less is Best

Easy to say.

Yet, the art of subtracting is not as easy to muster as we may want to think.


Take ingredients away from a recipe and make the flavour stronger..

The essence.


The Dog.
Francis Bacon