Facing Rejection

The artist must be the first critic of his own work and this first and honest judgement should lead his/her entire artistic career. Sadly, the rest of the world may not agree with the artist’ s opinion, and that matters because from public approval depends the artist’s financial independence, and the making of more art.

Enter the art prizes. As once again my work has not being chosen among the finalists I am truly disappointed, as I was counting on some good fortune. Then I compared my work with the selected ones [how low have I fallen] and have had to accept that… how can I say this nicely… I’m obviously knocking at the wrong door! So I told myself to ‘shut up, cheer up and keep doing what you do’, because I love what I do, and only what I love is worth doing, despite any rejection, despite any dismissal.

Well, here it is, my submission to this year’s Sulman Prize.

Thy Kingdom Come - Sandro Nocentini
Thy Kingdom Come [Love, Wisdom, Prayer] oil on board 245×120 cm.